This contract covers exclusively every sale of products through the online store

Every user who enters and uses the services of the online store is considered to consent and unconditionally accept the terms expressed herein, with no exception.

Our business details:


VAT No:  800710534

Tax office of AMPELOKIPOI

ADDRESS: 45 Meg Alexandrou str, 56224, Evosmos, Thesslaoniki

The users of online store grant their consent to the following terms of use, which apply to all content, pages, graphics, images, photos and files contained therein.

Therefore, they must read these terms carefully before visiting or using the pages and services of online store.

If they do not agree, then they must not use its services and content. The users are requested to check the content of the specific pages for possible changes, too. The steady use of online store even after any possible changes have occured, entails the unconditional acceptance of these terms by the users.


Apart from the explicitly stated exceptions (copyrights of third parties, affiliates and operators), all content on online store, including images, graphics, photographs, drawings, texts, services and in general, all files on this site, constitute the intellectual property of the company that manages it. This property is protected by the relevant provisions of Greek law, European law and international conventions.

Therefore, none of them may be sold, copied, modified, reproduced, shared or broadcast or distributed in any way for personal gain.

The other products or services which are included in the content of this website and bear the trademarks of the respective organizations, companies, partners, associations or publications, are their own intellectual property and therefore, these parties bear the relevant responsibility.

SECURITY AND PROTECTION OF COPYRIGHT  store guarantees the security and privacy of your personal data and your electronic transactions. Your personal data are collected and stored by the online store They are not disclosed to third parties nor are they shared for any other reason.

Also, for your best service (order completion), the online store, collects your personal details (name, email, shipping address, contact phone), legally and in accordance with the provisions of the Community legislation on personal data protection as well as the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Your personal data are used only to facilitate the order placement and the purchase process as a whole.

We assure you that your personal information will not be used by for any purpose other than that of our electronic transaction.


All product orders depend on their availability and in this light, in case of difficulties in supplying or depletion of products in stock, we reserve the right to inform you about similar products of equal or superior quality and value, which you can order.

If you do not wish to order such products, you will receive a full refund of the amount you may have previously paid.


We reserve the right to withdraw any product at any time, and/or to remove or edit any material or content on this website. While we make every effort to process all orders placed to our online store, there may be exceptional circumstances in which we may have to refuse to process an order for which we reserve the right to do at any time at our sole discretion, and after we have already sent you the Order Confirmation.

We have no responsibility to you or any third party for withdrawing any products from this website, whether they have been sold or not, and for removing or editing any material or content of the website or for refusing to process or accept any orders after we have sent you the Order Confirmation.


Without prejudice to the provisions of Article 7 above regarding the availability of products and the event of exceptional circumstances, we will make every effort to complete your order for the product(s) listed on the Shipping Confirmation to the delivery date specified in the Shipment Confirmation or, if no estimated delivery date has been set, within 10 days from the date of the Shipment Confirmation.

However, delays may still occur in the following cases:

- Customisation of products to customer requirements
- Specialized products
- Unforeseen circumstances
- Delivery area

If for any reason we fail to meet the delivery date, we will inform you and offer you the alternative to either continue the purchase by extending the delivery time, or cancel the order with a full refund. Please note that deliveries are not made on Saturdays and Sundays unless upon request. In this case there is an additional charge for which we inform you accordingly.

For the purposes of these Terms, "Delivery" will be deemed to have taken place or the order will be deemed to have been delivered upon signature of the product receipt form at the agreed delivery address.

Please note that orders are placed daily until 15:00.


If we fail to deliver the products to you, then they will be returned to us and we will contact you immediately in order to re-arrange their delivery.

If you are not at the delivery destination at the agreed time, please contact us to reschedule the delivery.

If, after 14 days from the moment your order is ready for delivery, the order has not yet been delivered for reasons not related to our fault, we will consider that you wish to cancel the Contract and the Contract will be considered expired.

As a result of the termination of the Contract, we will refund the amount of money paid for the purchased products as soon as possible and in any case within 14 days from the date on which we consider that the Contract has expired.

In such cases, we have the right to charge you with any delivery costs and other costs incurred due to the termination of the Contract.


Your orders can be placed through the online store, by adding the desired products to your shopping cart and then selecting the method of payment and the place of shipment.

In case you wish to cancel your order, you must contact our online store immediately via email at or by phone at +302310778080.

Depending on the progress of your order, we will inform you about the options you have.

According to the current provisions in case you trade as a retail consumer, you can withdraw from the Contract and request either a refund or replacement of the products with some others (i.e. new order placement) within 14 calendar days from the date of delivery.

You can exercise the right of withdrawal by any of the means provided by law, and in any case you will consider that you have legally exercised this right if you have the respective proof of return/shipment of products.

Your right to withdraw from a Contract only applies to products that are returned in exactly the same condition in which you received them.

Please return each product using its original packaging. Along with the returned products, you must also include all the boxes, the product labels, any accompanying forms as well as the receipt and wrapping paper.

There will be no refund if the products have been used or damaged after opening. Therefore, you need to take proper care of the products that are in your possession.

You can return the product(s) to the following address:

45 Meg Alexandrou str, 56224, Evosmos, Thesslaoniki

The customer has to bear the cost of returning the products. Please note that if you wish to return the goods to us using your own means, we have the right to charge you for any direct costs we may have in order to receive the products in this way.

We will examine the returned product in detail and let you know if you are entitled to a refund. We will refund your money as soon as possible and in any case within 14 days from the day you notified us of the withdrawal. Refunds are made using the same method as the original payment. However, there might be a delay if we have not received the products or the respective invoice for their return.

In case you consider that the product you ordered does not comply with the terms of the Contract at the time of delivery, you should contact us immediately via our online contact form or via email at, describing in detail the product and its defect. Alternatively you can contact us by phone at +302310778080 and we will give you instructions for further actions.

A full refund or product replacement will be made within 14 days of receiving the respective request. However, there might be a delay if we have not received the products or the respective invoice for their return. The refund will include shipping costs you paid when you made your purchase.

However, the buyer has to bear the extra returning costs.

In the case of defective products, the amount paid for these purchases will be refunded in full, including shipping costs and any other reasonable costs incurred for the return of the products. Refunds are made using the same method as the original payment. If you have any further questions, please contact us via our online email contact form or email us at


The pricing policy of our products changes over time and there are product categories that may have a different price in the physical store compared to those of the online store.


Ownership of the Product is transferred after full payment while the risk is transferred upon delivery.

To avoid any inconveniences, it is advisable to check the product at the time of delivery of your order, in order to detect any obvious defects.

In case you find any defects in your product you should contact our online store the same day right after the product has been delivered at +302310778080 or via email at


Except expressly set forth in the present Terms, our liability in relation to any product purchased through our website is strictly limited to the purchase price of that product.

Without prejudice to the above, nothing in these Terms excludes or limits in any way our liability in the following cases:

a. Death or bodily injury caused by our negligence,
b. Fraud or fraudulent deception,
c. For any issue for which it would be illegal or unfair on our part to exclude or limit, or attempt to exclude or limit our liability.

Without prejudice to the preceding paragraph and to the maximum extent permitted by law, unless otherwise specified in these Terms, we assume no responsibility for the following, regardless of the cause they  arose:

a. Loss of income or revenue
b. Loss of commercial activity
c. Loss of profits or contracts
d. Loss of expected savings
e. Data loss, and
f. Waste of administrative resources or working hours.

Due to the open nature of this website and the possibility of errors in the storage and transmission of digital information, we do not guarantee the accuracy and security of the information transmitted to or received from this website, unless otherwise expressly stated on the website.

All product descriptions, information and material posted on this website are provided as they are and without warranty, either explicit or implicit, or implied otherwise.

To the maximum extent permitted by law, but without excluding anything that could not be legally excluded as regards the consumers, we waive any warranty of any kind.


This contract covers exclusively any sale of products through the Online Store (eshop)

Every user who enters and uses the services of the online store is considered to consent and unconditionally accepts the terms stated herein, without exception.

Shipping your order entails the acceptance of this Agreement and all of its terms.
The online store uses encryption with the 256-bit encryption protocol (Comodo Essential SSL). This way, you and your personal data remain safe while browsing.

All payments made by card are processed through the electronic payment platform "WinBank e-Commerce" of the Piraeus Bank (WINBANK) and TLS 1.2 encryption is used with the 128-bit encryption protocol (Secure Sockets Layer - SSL). Encryption is a way of encrypting information until it reaches its intended recipient, who will be able to decrypt it using the appropriate key.


Our website may contain links to other websites and resources provided by third parties. These links are provided for informational purposes only, and the content of such websites or resources is in no way under our control. Therefore, we bear absolutely no responsibility for any loss or damage that may be caused by the use of these links.


We are not liable or responsible for any failure to fulfill or delay in the performance of any of our obligations under the Agreement, which has been caused by events which are not subject to our reasonable control (Force Majeure).

A Force Majeure event is any act, event, impossibility, omission or accident that is not subject to our reasonable control and includes specifically (but not restrictively) the following:

a. Strikes or other trade union actions.
b. Social unrest, insurrection, invasion, terrorist attack or threat of terrorist attack, war (whether declared or not) or threat or preparation for war.
c. Fire, explosion, storm, flood, earthquake, landslide, epidemic or other natural disaster.
d. Inability to use railways, ships, airplanes, motor vehicles or other public or private means of transport.
e. Inability to use public or private telecommunications networks.
f. Acts, decrees, laws, regulations or government restrictions.
g. Any strike, damage or accident of the shipping and postal services or other means of transport.

The fulfillment of our obligations by any Contract is considered to be suspended for the period of the Force Majeure Event and the time for the fulfillment of our obligations will be extended for a period equal to the duration of that period of unrest.
We will make every reasonable effort to end the Force Majeure Event or find a solution that will enable us to fulfill our obligations under the Convention despite the Force Majeure Event.


If at any time during the validity of a Contract we do not seek for your strict fulfillment of any of your obligations under the Contract or any of these Terms and Conditions, and/or if we fail to exercise any of the rights or remedies which we are entitled to under this Agreement or these Terms, this will not constitute our waiver or restriction of such rights and remedies and does not relieve you of your obligation to comply with such obligations.

Our waiver of an individual claim does not constitute a waiver of any similar claim in the future.

Any waiver by us of any of these Terms or of the rights and remedies we have under the Agreement shall be deemed to be valid unless expressly stated to be a waiver and notified to you in writing in accordance with the provisions of Article 18 above.


If a competent authority determines that any of these Terms or provisions of the Agreement are void, unlawful or unenforceable to any extent, those terms or provisions will be separated to that extent from the remaining terms and conditions which will remain in force. to the maximum extent permitted by law.


These Terms as well as any document expressly referred to them constitute the entire agreement between us regarding the subject matter of each Agreement and supersede any prior written or oral agreement, conciliation or settlement between us.
Both you and we acknowledge that, for the conclusion of this Agreement, neither of us has relied on any statement, commitment or promise made by the other party or implied orally or in writing in the negotiations between us prior to this Agreement, unless otherwise expressly provided in these Terms.
Neither party may exercise any remedy in respect of any false statement made by the other party, either orally or in writing, before the date of each Contract (unless the false statement was made fraudulently) and the exercise of remedies by the other party will only be allowed for any breach of the Agreement, as provided in these Terms.


We reserve the right to revise and amend these Terms from time to time.
At the time you order products from us or use this website, you are subject to our applicable policies and Terms, unless required to make any changes to our specific policies and Terms by law or government authority, in which case any changes will also apply to orders you placed prior to the changes.


The use of the website as well as the purchase of products through it are governed by Greek law.
Any dispute arising out of or relating to the use of the Website or such Contracts is subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Athens.


Your comments and remarks are welcome. Please send us your comments and remarks through our online contact form.

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