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Bookstore ? Toy store? Workshop for young and old? Step presentation of the effort of young people and the work of experienced artists? Hospitable corner for small talk?

Space of thought, the new, the idea, the point of view, the aesthetics and the authentic.

Our team

We have been in Evosmos, Thessaloniki since 2008, where with a lot of passion and dedication we are constantly looking for products based on quality, uniqueness and timelessness.

Always up to date on new book titles, toys, gift items, stationery and consumables, we strive to satisfy any of our customers' wishes.

At the same time, we propose, support and organize various creative activities, such as the children's reading club, painting and creative writing for children and adults, book presentations, as well as decoupage workshops for adults.

Are you looking for ...?

From now on you will be able to explore some of our products in our online store and enjoy quality and smart shopping.

  • Children Games, Puzzles
  • Integrated Learning Systems
  • Literature books, educational, etc
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